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Saving Alyssaat amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Harlequin.

When Noah Preston entered witness protection, his only concern was for his daughter. He couldn't save her mother, but he will save Alyssa. Three years later, he can't let go of the fear -- and the guilt -- that haunts him. When Billie Landon stumbles into his bike shop, keeps his distance... (More...)

Raising Connorat Harlequin as eBook or in paperback.

When Brooke O'Toole's sister and brother-in-law die in a tragic accident, her only priority is the emotional well-being of her one-year-old nephew, Connor. Unfortunately, that means making nice with the man she holds responsible for her mother's murder: Hunter Stone. (More...)

Devoted to Drew
at Harlequin as eBook or in paperback.

Why would a former football star like Logan Murray pay attention Bianca Wright? She was a far cry from the beauties she'd seen him with in the tabloids. He was just being kind. He knew she was a widow with an autistic son. That had to be too much baggage for any man... (More...)

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